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Cracking the Code on Genetics

  • Good Genes!

    Introducing our NEW "Cracking The Code On Genetics" Series

    •  Explore key topics & how to incorporate them into lessons
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  • My Carolina Connections

    My Carolina Connections is the new on-demand webinar series designed for the busy science educator. Experience our first on-demand webinar, Using Model Organisms, and follow our interactive Q & A session on Twitter #carolinagenetics.

Mutations and the Human Genome

  • Can creating mutations be good? The answer is yes. In fact, RNA Interference (turning off genes) is a genetic breakthrough that's already being used to develop new treatments for cancer and other diseases.

    Carolina offers a variety of resources and products to help your students delve into this emerging area. For example, students can induce RNAi (and witness the results) simply by feeding roundworms bacteria that turn off certain genes.

Model Organisms

  • There's nothing like real, live organisms to drive home genetic concepts. And there's no other company that can match Carolina's model organisms selection—from corn to fruit flies to our exclusive Wisconsin Fast Plants®.

    Check out this infographic to learn more about the benefits, life cycle, available phenotypes and other information on 3 model organisms.

    Ready to breathe new life into your genetics lessons?

Mitosis and Meiosis

  • Do your students struggle with Mitosis and Meiosis? Many do. We find it works best to approach this topic from different angles—giving students the opportunity for hands-on cell cycle exploration.

    Our NEW Mitosis Matchup activity is an easy, visual way to demonstrate orientation, organization and other cell phase characteristics.

    Whether you're laying the foundation with Mitosis or exploring Mendel’s Laws in Meiosis, Carolina has the products and resources you need.


  • A solid foundation in DNA is essential before exploring more advanced genetic concepts.

    Fortunately, we have a 3D animated video that shows your students exactly how DNA is packaged. It demonstrates how 6 feet of DNA can be packed into the microscopic nucleus of every cell.

    Bring this video and Carolina's great new products and activities into your classroom and students will be differentiating chromosomes, genes and alleles in no time!

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