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Ecology: Life Depends On It

A Big Picture Look At Ecosystems

Everything from our drinking water to pollination of the plants we eat depends on large but fragile ecosystems. Help your students make the link between the importance of ecosystems — and the importance of protecting them.

Experiencing Air Pollution Through Inquiry

Let your students prove for themselves how common pollutants like Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide affect the living world around us. You’ll need a few common lab supplies—and growing seedlings. Get the details by downloading this Air Pollution Activity:

Two Ways to Collect Insects for Diversity Studies

Your students will definitely catch the field collection bug then they use these 2 effective techniques for collecting insects around your school: the “pitfall trap” and the “aspirator.”

Infographic – Ecology: The Study of the Place We Live

Sometimes students find it difficult to visualize the interactions within Ecology. Use this infographic in your class to review the basic ecology concepts:

•  Ecology is not a linear science
•  Interconnects multiple aspects at numerous levels
•  Works on large and small scales
•  Includes everything from individual organisms to whole ecosystems

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