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Building Blocks of Science™ 3D

The All-Inclusive, Phenomenon-Based, Hands-On Science Program for K–5

Hands-On + Print + Digital

Building Blocks of Science 3D
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Building Blocks of Science 3D Learning Framework




Are you using Building Blocks of Science: A New Generation for K–5? (© 2016)
We can upgrade you!

Why upgrade to the new Building Blocks of Science 3D?

  • Units and lessons are tied directly to real-world phenomena through a unit-specific Anchoring Phenomenon and lesson-specific Investigative Phenomena
  • Phenomena videos help kick off each unit
  • An all-new digital experience that includes:
    • Interactive Teacher's Guides
    • Simulations, interactive whiteboards, digital Student Investigation Sheets
    • Digital assessments including Tell Me More formative assessment prompts and a scenario-based summative assessment
    • Interactive Student Readers, and more!
    • Watch a Digital Teacher Guide review video to learn more
  • Easy-to-use Teacher’s Guide
    • Completely redesigned to include:
      • Evidence of Scaffolding Charts for every unit—Where are students going? How will they get there?
      • Kit materials and needed-but-not-supplied materials listed in lesson-by-lesson charts
      • NGSS correlations by unit, lesson, and investigation
      • Point-of-use call-outs: Differentiation Strategies, Identify Phenomena, Digital Tips, Literacy Tips

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Building Blocks of Science: A New Generation for Grades K–5 (© 2016)

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