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Smithsonian's STC Elementary Curriculum

You're on the Right Track to the New Standards with the Smithsonian's STC-Elementary™!

The Smithsonian's STC-Elementary™ (3rd Edition) delivers the inquiry-based science instruction you've trusted for over 20 years. Units for Grades 1–5 integrate the 3-dimensions of NGSS, connect content with the real-world, and foster STEM and critical-thinking skills that students will take with them to middle school and beyond.

STC™ Learning Framework K–5

NGSS Instruction for Kindergarten from the Smithsonian, Rooted in Real-World Phenomena

Seeing and experiencing is believing, and learning! For kindergarteners, science phenomena IS the world around them. The Smithsonian's STC-Kindergarten utilizes children's natural curiosity and 3-dimensional learning to build cohesive, 15- to 20-minute lessons that meet the spirt and intent of NGSS.

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